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Copper Clad FR4 is an excellent material commonly used for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) fabrication.  The fiberglass substrate is a flame retardant (FR4) laminate, typically translucent in color and made of a continuous fine weave woven glass cloth.  The fiberglass cloth is then impregnated with epoxy resin, and the copper foil material is adhered through an electroplating process.  The copper is measured in microns or ounces per square foot and measures .00134" thick per ounce or 34.1 microns. 

Copper Clad PC Boards can be clad double-sided or single-sided.  The copper is commonly available in oz, 1 oz, and 2 oz weights, although heavier weights are available.  Copper can be clad up to 6 ounces while still maintaining a very strong dielectric strength. The G10 FR4 material substrate can be made in black, blue or red for high end optical applications or aesthetic applications.   



In addition to some of the standard sizes like .062 thick PCB and .032 thick FR4 PCB, we offer thin film clad material.  We can make the material as small as 4 mil and 5 mil (.004" - .005") as a core thickness for the G10 FR substrate.  etched copper clad fr4 pcb

Another option for the copper clad laminate is our Ultraviolet (UV) Blocking chemical that we can add to the FR4 that blocks out the full spectrum of light up to 405 nm. 

We offer a High-temperature copper clad laminate in FR5 compliant to  IPC 4101/23 for more sophisticated circuitry.  The High Temp clad material has a higher thermal range for use in high frequency and burn-in boards.  

There are many applications for the copper cladding on the G10 material such as :  Antennas, RFI/EFI and Microwave products that need a low dissipation factor. Broadband, Telecom, Consumer Electronics ... just about everywhere electronic circuits are needed. 

G10 FR4 machining and fabrication of our materials are available.  Talk to one of our friendly staff to find out if we have the right solution for you.  We have several mills for making parts from high end plastics.

  We take our materials and customers serious and want to be better than the best in all aspects of the thermoset / electronics industry.  Please call us @ 760.237.4113 or email at

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